30-Day Seasoning on Refinances

Why wait to cash out? Unlike most lenders who require 12 months seasoning We allow you to cash out on the 31st day of ownership at retail value. This is perfect for rehab to rent scenarios allowing the borrower to pay off hard money loans or unlock their equity to purchase additional investment properties.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t require income verification, tax returns or 4506 documentation. This keeps our process fast, simple and dependable. We do require:

  • Two forms of ID
  • Tri-merged credit report with at least two credit scores
  • Appropriate insurance
  • A title policy
  • Voided check and the down payment (for purchases)
  • Executed copy of lease (if property is occupied)
  • An electronic asset verification of last two months bank statements

Our investor loans are the fastest easiest way to purchase or refinance your
investment property –

email me for more details: info@pacfundpartners@gmail.com

or call any time 813-401-1235 ask for John


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