Lot Purchase, Ground up Construction (1-20 Units), Fix and Flip (1-20 Units)

We have been absolutely killing it over at PacFund Partners with a program that I’m finding many of you may not be aware of and many of you could really use!

The program is called a Line of Credit and it works for:

Lot purchase

Ground up Construction (1-20 Units)

Fix and Flip (1-20 Units)

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Conditional Approval is based on 4 data points:

  1. Investor Experience– how many properties rehabbed and sold in last 24 mos. and currently owned. (No experience options available as well!)
  2. Credit Score of Investor: (can go down to 620, and highest credit score of partners will be the one used to qualify/price!)
  3. Total Combined Net worth of the borrower(s)
  4. Total Liquidity of the borrower(s)

Once we have those four data points, we can run the conditional approval.  The best part of this that once fully approved, there is total amount

(5x Liquidity) that is available to borrower under the approved terms for the next 12 months. In other words, you can use this like a line of credit to fund your projects and as they are sold or debt replaced, then the money goes back in toward the total and you can use for the next project.

Rates, terms and LTVs are extremely competitive in this program as well!

We’re closing one today as I write this where borrower hasn’t invested since 2014. However he used his HELOC and 2 rentals to be approved. We closed 3 SFH for fix and flip. (3 separate loans all under the same terms of his approved line of credit).

It really is awesome!

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